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For all orders please note the following: 

1) We process all orders on a first come first serve basis.

2) When we get requests for specimens and clients ask us to reserve stock for them, without a deposit, if someone else comes in the meantime and orders the same specimens, there is no way for us to prevent that sale from going through since there is no way to reserve stock through our e-commerce site. The only way to reserve stock is by deposit only.

3) It is the responsibility of all clients to know their local laws regarding the importation of CITES material. We here at Butterfly Planet follow all guidelines and procedures for the importation and exportation of CITES species from the Canadian perspective. Some countries need import permits for CITES material which is based on the export permit that we apply for on behalf of the clients.

4) Please note that CITES shipments will only be mailed to the address provided through the payment system through our e-commerce site. Once re-export permits have been issued to a client of ours, there will be no opportunity to change the name or shipping address. This is final. If this is an issue for you, please ensure that your mailing address for your credit card is the SAME as the address that you want us to ship the CITES shipment to. 

5) All CITES orders take between 6-8 weeks for us to obtain re-export permits on your behalf. If this is too long of a time for you to wait to have your shipment then dispatched then you will either need to find an alternate supplier, or plan ahead so that the time it takes to fulfill the order meets your deadlines.

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