Oeneis melissa beanii PAIR A1 Canada

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Alberta, Canada Even though these have been treated as species melissa in the recent literature (last 50 years), there is no good reason to accept that hypothesis as there are genetic and structural differences and lack of linking populations with meilssa. For these reasons we treat this butterfly as a species rather than a subspecies. This butterfly was originally described as a distinct species and there isn't any contravening publications to undermine the original taxonomic rank. Very hard to get. They fly only at the top of mountains that are over 6800 ft above sea level. These specimens are collected at 7000 ft on top of Halestone Butte, Alberta. Their colouration is dark grey so they blend in with the boulders and when they fly the wind picks them and carries them away. Very challenging to study and collect. This is a must have for the serious collector.
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