Troides hypolitus ssp M A1 Indonesia

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Rare and seldom encountered undescribed subspecies from Muna Island, Indonesia. Only 1 available! This species requires special C.I.T.E.S. permits. Regulations and procedures have changed with respect to shipping CITES species to international jurisdictions. In light of these changes, here are the new steps that international buyers must be aware of when placing an order to buy CITES material. All CITES shipments must be shipped via a courier company and NOT via CANADA POST since Canadian Border Agents can pull parcels for inspection from the courier company but not Canada Post. As such the cost of shipping a CITES parcel to the USA for example is now $30 and to other countries $70 for parcels less than 500 grams. The US Government’s Fish and Wild Life Dept levies a fee of $93.25 per CITES shipment to clear it. Then there are duties and taxes on top. So for example, if you purchase a $20 CITES listed species, you can expect to pay $125 in clearance, duties and taxes by the US Government in order for the parcel to arrive in your hands. For the European Union, collectors who order CITES listed species from us must use the re-export permits that we acquire from the Canadian Government to acquire import permits BEFORE we ship the order to the EU Zone. VAT and other inspection fees vary from EU country to country. But one can expect to pay for the importation of the CITES order and the clearance of it plus duties and taxes. In light of these changes, we can see that it does not make sense to place orders of less than $1000 in order to justify the paying of the inspection, permitting and taxation on the order to get it to your destination. Therefore we do not want to encourage clients making smaller purchases so to avoid the high costs associated with getting the shipment. These changes have been implemented so to weed out those who wish to circumvent the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species and while we can see these changes will have a material and real impact on our business, we fully support these changes for the sake of thwarting the illegal trade in these restricted species.

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